Injured? We'll get you functioning and back to work soon.

Accidents happen, big or small. Injury Prevention Plus has extensive experience in assisting rehabilitation for a wide range of injuries, from muscle strains to joint reconstructions and other major surgeries.

Research indicates that the sooner you begin a rehabilitation programme, the more likely you are to improve your work status at the end of the programme. The earlier we can medically assess your situation and get you started on a tailor-made exercise physiology training, the sooner you will be able to get back to work.  

Our therapists are accredited with Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA). With your consent, we will coordinate between your employer, insurance and medical practitioners and develop a customised programme to get you back to your pre-injury job and other day-to-day activities as soon as possible.   

Every person is different and we need to be flexible and responsive in dealing with each case. In general, training will take place at home, in a heated pool or at a gym near you. Gym memberships are often funded for work place injuries and motor vehicle accident clientele. 

Your programme will last between one and three months and will not only be focused on regaining strength, endurance, range of motion, but we'll also teach you ways to work safely and comfortably. Knowledge of safe working techniques will decrease your chance of re-injury in the future.   

Our rehabilitation exercises programs are covered by most health insurances, when referred by your treating practitioner.   

I suffered an injury to my right knee while working as a truck driver. After months of pain, I decided to have surgery and the surgeon referred me for an exercise rehabilitation program. He gave me two months to see an improvement in my knee, indicating that otherwise I would need to have another surgery. He had certified me as unfit for work for three months.  

Before I commenced my exercise rehabilitation programme with Anthony from Injury Prevention Plus, I was unable to bend my knee, I hadn’t been able to squat for over 12 months and I couldn’t walk without pain. 

Since the start of my rehabilitation programme, I have lost 10kgs, have full range of motion in my knee and can squat without restriction. Anthony provided assistance by attending the surgeon’s review eight weeks after starting my rehabilitation program. The surgeon was so impressed that he discharged me, fit to return to work and without the need to undertake further knee surgery.”  

Lawrence, Perth

For more information on our exercise rehabilitation programmes, contact us now on 0444 514 439 or enquire online today.